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What if I told you that you could play at an online casino for free? It gets better. What if I told you that you could access the latest casino games without risking your own money and whatever you end up winning gets added into your bankroll.

If you like the sound of this, then keep on reading as I introduce you to the world of Free Spins!

Let’s be perfectly honest here, we all love freebies don’t we? I especially love the little food bites they give outside malls; it just makes the experience of eating food even more satisfying.

Free Spins at online Casinos are no different and certainly help to elevate your online gaming experience. Still not convinced? Then why don’t I explain in more detail what I mean by Free Spins and more importantly how you can access them as well


There are essentially two types of free spins. The first is awarded to you as a bonus round in an online slot game. If you are lucky enough to get the symbols in the right combination then the online slot will reward you with bonus spins, allowing you as the name suggests to spin the reel again.

The second type is used for promotional purposes by the online casino. As the competition between the different casinos in India heats up, each will try to outdo the other by providing bonuses. Free Spins come under the category of such bonuses and will be the subject of this article.


One important aspect to keep in mind with regards to free spins is to do with wagering requirements. Wagering requirement also goes by the name of as ‘spin through’ or ‘turnover requirements’.

However the casino wants to label them, the meaning remains the same which is the number of times you will be required to spin the reels before you can cash out your winnings.

Now this may come as a slight disappointment to the freebie hunters but these requirements are essential to prevent fraud. If there were no requirements, then everyone and their aunty and uncle would be flocking to an online casino to try and win the maximum amount they could using the spins.

I often hear players ask about how much they have to wager to release their winnings when using such no deposit offers. To answer the question, it’s best to provider an example.

Example: You sign up at an online casino that is generous enough to give you 10 spins on registration. You win ₹1000 and need to complete the wagering requirements of 30x the winnings.

To calculate how much, you need to playthrough, you simply have to multiple the winnings with the wagering requirement: 1000 x 30 = ₹30,000. I

n order to release your winnings, you will be required to wager ₹30,000 on any slot machine in the casino and that is how you calculate how much wagering is required to be able to cash out the winnings.

Apart from the wagering requirements, spins also come with a time limit. Yes, you cant sit on your spins for months and usually the time limit is anywhere between a day to a week after they have been activated.  

Despite the terms and conditions that come with Free Spins, there are benefits to be had for availing this welcome offer. You are not required to deposit your own money and can essentially try out the latest online slots for free.

The online casino also allows you to keep the profit that is the money that is left over after the wagering requirements have been met. Seems like a good enough deal for me especially one that is created at the expense of the casino!


Free Spins come in different shapes and sizes that I will now list to help you identify them whenever they are made available to you.

No Deposit Free Spins

No prizes for guessing what these are. As the name suggests, you are awarded spins for simply creating an account at an online casino. Mainly used to attract new customers, the online casino will simply ask you to fill in their registration form in exchange for a few spins at a game of their choosing.

This is a great way for a new player to familiarise themselves with the casino and the games they have to offer. It will cost you nothing to sign up and once you have done so, you can check out the different aspects of the casino to decide whether you want to stay with them or not.

The no deposit spins are likely to be accompanied by wagering requirements and are usually a onetime offer provided by the casino to new players.

Deposit Free Spins

The next logical step in spin bonuses. This involves the player to make a commitment in the form of a deposit before they are able to acquire spins from the casino.

This means that you as a player will be required to not only create an account but also deposit your own money in order to get the Free Spins.

Free Spins for Loyal Customers

Free spins are not only an effective tool to attract new customers but can also be used to reward the loyalty of existing customers. Some casinos will offer free spins for being a regular customer, i.e playing every day while some will award them on certain days of the week.

While the number of spins might not be as high as the ones awarded to new customers, these loyalty spins come with very little wagering requirements.


Free Spins without Wagering Requirements

Coming at the expense of the casino, these spins come with zero wagering requirements. This means that you can withdraw your winnings immediately as they are not subject to terms and conditions.

These spins are once again reserved for loyal customers, VIPs and often come with a max cash out limit.

No Deposit No Wagering Free Spins

The perfect type of free spins, as the name suggests you are only required to create an account at online casino to be able to access these spins.

Furthermore, you can withdraw your winnings almost immediately as they are not bound to terms and conditions. The ultimate in Free Spins and rarely found in online casino promotions these days.


Accessing and activating free spins could not be simpler. If they are of the no deposit nature, then you are simply required to fill out the registration form. This means giving your full name, postal and email address along with a phone number. Once you have successfully created an account, your spins will be added into your account.

Sometimes the spins are added once you have opened the game they were applicable on. In this case, the spins might not appear immediately and will manifest themselves once you have opened the online slot that they were tied to.

As mentioned above, winnings from free spins are subject to wagering requirements. It is important that you read these requirements before you have accepted the free spins bonus. 

Yes. Nearly all of the online casinos that are found on have mobile optimised versions of their site. This means that the bonuses and promotions are also transferred over onto the small screen.  You can even access exclusive spin related promotions from your mobile device. The most common occurrence of this happens when you download the app of an online casino. The casino rewards for essentially tapping a few times on your phone! This is because the casinos calculate that having their app downloaded on your phone will increase the probability of you coming back to their site. Casinos are therefore happy to make this investment if they can in turn convert you into a loyal customer.

All you need to make sure is that your smartphone and internet connection can handle the requirements of the online slot that you will be playing the free spins with. The last thing you need is to not be able to spend the free bonus that is being provided to you by the casino.

Yes. Some casinos will allow you to play any game using the free spins bonus. Some will clearly the mention in their terms and conditions the games that the spins can be played on. Whatever the scenario might be, as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions there is no reason why you cannot win from free spins.

Some casinos will allow you to take cash out your winnings with no questions asked while others will ask you to play through the winnings a certain amount of times before they can be withdrawn. I think wagering requirements are perfectly fair especially since the spins are being given to you at the expense at the casino. Also as mentioned earlier, the wagering requirements are essential to ensure that casinos are not flooded with bonus abusers.