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Over the last couple of years India has seen an influx of betting sites. While it is always good to have options, it can be extremely confusing and scary when it comes to selecting the right bookmaker.

Luckily and sometimes painfully, I have tested the biggest and best-known sports betting sites available to the Indian audience. When I say testing, I really do mean it and I have deposited my own money, placed bets, won and lost all in pursuit of writing a comprehensive unbiased review.

The best bit is that all of my hard work is available to you in an easily digestible format. The reviews are not long yet provide you with all the information you will need to make an informed decision.

You should never consider just one factor when determining which betting site to use. I normally have a checklist of about eight points that help me grade the betting sites I am reviewing. Here are the factors you should consider as well.


Welcome Offer

The increased competition in the betting world means that each bookmaker will try its level best to get you to open an account with them. As a result, each will entice you with some sort of promotional offer. These offers are also known as ‘welcome offers or bonuses. Some offers require you to input a promo code such as BET365.

Bonuses however can be deceptive and can contain certain clauses that might hamper your playing experience down the line. This information is usually available in the fine print so always make it a point to read the terms and conditions.

Also, a bigger offer does not necessarily mean a better one. Be wary of deceptive bonuses and always read what you need to do fulfil the withdrawal requirements. There is no point winning a massive amount using a free bet only to be stuck with lengthy withdrawal conditions.

Ongoing Offers 

Apart from the welcome offers, existing players will normally be bombarded with a host of weekly promotions. Good, established operators will value your participation and will go out of their way to provide you with a healthy mix of simple win bets to complex acca betting schemes. Some betting sites even have their own concoction of betting types that allow players to custom design their wagers.

Another way of rewarding their customers is via the loyalty scheme. Big bookmakers such as BETWAY will have customer tiers and based on your spending you will be able to climb up the tiers. The higher up you are, the more promotions and special giveaways will be provided to you.

There are five main categories of the types of offers that betting sites can provide you.

Free Bets to Existing customers 

These are mostly given out during certain sporting events for example around the IPL or certain horse races. The aim from the bookmaker’s point of view is to get you engaged around these sporting events by giving you a free bet. As always do read the terms and conditions before opting into such a promotion.

Money Back Specials for Existing Customers 

Similar to a free bet, the betting sites will be happy to compensate you even if your bet does not come true. Money back specials are common in horse racing events whereby the betting site gives your money back even if your horse fails to finish at the top position.

Enhancements for Existing Customers

Betting sites can even supercharge your bets if a certain event takes place. This means you can earn extra if for example an Indian bowler ends up taking a hat trick in a T20.


These are common features in nearly all betting sites whereby the bookmaker offer either a bonus or insurance on your selections.

Loyalty Bonuses

As mentioned earlier, betting sites appreciate regular play and will reward for your loyalty by providing weekly bonuses.


Some betting sites allow you to stream events via their platform. While the more lucrative matches such as those of the Premier League are not included, you will still be able to stream some decent top-fight foreign games. In order to take advantage of this feature you will need to either bet on an event or have credit in your balance.


Each sport will provide its own markets for you to bet on. As a rule, you should do your due diligence on the different markets available to you. I have written a comprehensive piece on the different markets offered in CRICKET that is worth reading. As a general rule, all good betting sites will have markets for the most popular sports such as cricket and football.

Also, some bookmakers may be known for providing a greater selection of markets on a particular sport such as football while others might focus on horse racing. With this mind, it makes sense to go for an operator that will surely provide you with betting options on the sport that you would like to bet on.


Following on from markets, you will need to know what odds are available for the games you want to bet on. As is the case with increased competition, every bookmaker will claim to have the best odds so do your research and select the one that offers the best for that particular event. It is now common practice to have accounts with more than one betting site so that you end up placing a bet with whoever has the best odds for a particular event.

User Experience

Odds, markets are meaningless if you are unable to place bets on your favourite sporting event. A site plagued by glitches and complicated design will wear you down eventually and will make for a bad betting experience. The best betting sites have spent millions in creating a sleek user interface that is logical and easy to use. User experience goes beyond just the aesthetics.

The site needs to also have good customer service should you ever need to ask a question. The betting site should provide you with a good range of banking options along with quick deposits and lightning fast withdrawals.

Finally, the betting site needs to be mobile friendly. I have found that too many bookmakers are guilty of providing a sub-standard mobile product. Mobile phones have transcended beyond being communication devices. They offer much more than just calls and texts.

The best betting sites have paid attention to this and package their entire site into a mobile device that is easy to use. If a betting site wants to conquer the Indian market, then they need to bring their A game when it comes to mobile betting.

Customer Support

Even the best betting sites can be prone to technical glitches. The more important part is how these sites deal with the customer queries and complaints that follow. This is where customer support is crucial for the longevity of a betting site.

The player must be greeted with a courteous and knowledgeable customer representative. Furthermore, it is essential that queries are dealt with in the fastest way possible. I have heard horror stories of players having hour long chats with customer service representatives all in trying to get their withdrawal processed.

Another aspect to consider is the availability of customer support. Some betting sites provide round the clock support which means you can get in touch with them whenever you feel like. Some will display their support times on the site, so it is worth checking these details out as well.

Last on the list of factors to consider when choosing a betting site are the banking and payment options available. Nothing can be more frustrating to go through factors one to seven only to find that the betting site does not support your desired payment method.

Needless to say, a betting site that covers a good range of options is the one that I will hold in high regard. Most will support major credit cards, but some will allow for deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrency which in my books is a big plus!


It would be extremely satisfying if every betting site we visited managed to excel at the factors mentioned above. Some genuinely have made efforts to provide the player with the best possible user experience. This includes getting them through the door and ensuring that their time and money is well spent at the site. All of this is undertaken in a fair and secure manner.

However as is the case with anything in this world, there are always going to be betting sites that will fail to meet the requirements listed above. Infact greed alone will prompt them to undertake certain practices that will label them as rogue betting sites.

Just because a site is available online and has a slick interface does not automatically make it trustworthy. Some might have fake licenses printed on the site to give it more authenticity. Some might even tinker with the software to ensure the customer loses more often.

In the event that you do end up winning, you might be face withdrawal hell which means that you will be bound by so many clauses before you can even take the money out. Some betting sites might bundle in extra charges, expenses that will lower your winnings.

The ₹10,000 that you thought had won may actually whittle down to ₹1,000 after the so-called charges have been deducted.

This becomes even more scary considering the greyness of the online betting market in India. The government and the states have provided no clear indication on how to deal with betting sites that are operated outside of India.

The good news is that I have gone through the sites to ensure that only the best are listed on You will never have to worry about rogue sites because they will never get listed on my site 😊


Yes. There is an official IPL mobile app that can be downloaded for both IOS and Android devices. I would also recommend downloading the Hotstar app for streaming IPL matches. If you are looking for a cricket betting app, then I would recommend downloading the Betway app.

There are plenty of good bookmakers in India, but my personal preference would have to be Bet365. They have the best selection of sports such as cricket and football and allow you to bet live.

On the other hand, I have a friend who really likes playing on LeoVegas because they also have tons of casino games, so the choice really depends on your personal preference. We invite you to read our betting site reviews in order to find the one that works best for you.

Difficult to provide a conclusive answer to this. As per the Public Act of 1867, an individual or company is not allowed to operate a casino, but the act is severely outdated and does not mention online gambling.

Moreover, the responsibility has been passed onto the individual states to make a call on whether online gambling is legal or illegal. Goa and Sikkim have flourished as states after making gambling legal whereas in Maharashtra gambling is still illegal.

Maharashtra is the only state to outright ban online gambling. For a more in-depth explanation, please read my article on the legal situation of gambling in India.

There isn’t one single correct answer to this question, as it depends on several factors. In simple terms, however, any site that meets the following criteria should be fine.

  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Proven track record.
  • Licensed, regulated and operating legally.
  • Accepts customers from your region.

These are the minimum requirements. Ideally, you want to use one (or more) of the very best sites around. You should also try to use sites that suit any preferences or specific requirements you may have. Identifying the right ones requires more effort, but it’s worth it to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Want a quick solution? Then check out our recommendations. We’ve ranked the top sports betting sites in a variety of different categories, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Each and every site we recommend is thoroughly tested to make sure it’s genuinely high quality.

A welcome offer is a type of bonus that is used by betting sites and online casinos to attract customers to their site. It can take various shapes and is usually awarded when you either create a new betting account or make a deposit into the new account.

The most common form of welcome offer is the match deposit bonus whereby the betting sites match your deposit. This means that if you deposit 1000 then the betting site will give you an extra 1000.

There are many different types of welcome offers on the market and for a full list, you should read our article on the best betting offers in India.

First you would need to find a betting site that fits your criteria. Once you have done that, sign up an account and head over to the deposit page. Here you will find a range of options including debit / credit cards and e wallets that you can use to deposit funds into your player account. You can read more in our article about payment methods.

Withdrawing money from a licensed betting site is easy. A reputable betting site will provide clear instructions on how you can withdraw your funds regardless of the size of the amount. In some instances, the funds will be transferred to your e-wallet while some sites will allow you to withdraw directly into your bank.

A free bet is a type of bonus offered to Indian players on a regular basis. You can use the free bet to place a wager at a sporting event at no cost hence the term ‘Free Bet’. As is the case with any type of bonus that is offered, be sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure you get the most out of your free bet.