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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and has an immense number of followers worldwide. It is stated that around 9% of the entire world population plays cricket and is especially popular in Asian countries.

105 countries play cricket and are members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). In India and Pakistan, cricket is not a sport but a religion that has more followers than any other sport in these countries. Let us understand how the cricket format changed from Test match to the current T20 format like IPL and some important IPL betting tips.

Cricket as a sport has also evolved over time. In its early days when England introduced this sport to the world, there was only one form of cricket which was called Test match. In this format, two teams played against each other for five days.

Even today some fans enjoy this format. But then a faster format was introduced in 1971 that was known as One day cricket. As the name suggests, the entire game was completed in a day and both teams played for 50 overs.

Although these formats were popular in cricket playing countries, the relatively long format was slow to capture new markets as other countries were used to sports like football, soccer, basketball, rugby where a single game took not more than a couple of hours.

All of this changed with the introduction of the T20 format. This was the fastest form of cricket that was played for 20 overs which made the game concise and a high adrenaline affair. This format catapulted this sport into the global arena and has started to establish itself even in non-cricket playing countries.

IPL which is the short form for the Indian Premier League is the most popular league of T20 cricket and attracts millions of fans every year. This league manages to churn out millions of dollars every year making it one of the most successful sporting events of the year.

Let us understand more about IPL as well as how IPL betting works. You will also learn some very important IPL betting tips which will help you ace the betting game and make money every time.


So just like any other sporting game, cricket has a winning side and the losing side which automatically becomes a fertile ground for betting towards or against the odd. A broader betting would be just on the winning and losing side but what makes cricket betting interesting is there are other odds on which you can bet like the score in the first over, wickets taken by a bowler, 4s and 6s, etc.

So the range of betting is super wide and you can bet as per your comfort and expertise



Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest league when it comes to T20 games. They attract the best talent around the world and are organized by BCCI which is the wealthiest cricket board in the world. Naturally, IPL matches garner millions of viewers both on the ground as well as on television and digital platform.

Hence the highest amount of betting occurs during this league and this is where IPL betting tips matter a lot. Around $100 million worth of bet is placed per game and the total season bet crosses $5 billion. And this is the case only in India, if you consider global betting, it would cross $10 billion which is a monumental amount that is higher than many countries GDP.

The IPL betting tips are a common jargon you will hear during the sporting season and before every high voltage game. Because of the massive scale of betting in IPL, multiple betting platforms make placing the bet and earning money effortless along with all the news and updates about the league. They also help their players with live IPL betting tips.



Knowing the Odds

The fundamental of any type of betting is understanding the odds and it is true in the case of IPL betting as well. Odds are nothing but the probability that a certain outcome will occur. Understanding the odds is directly proportional to you reaping the profits on the bets you place. There two different types of betting odds namely decimals and fractions and depending on the country you reside the betting odd format might differ. In the majority of Asian countries, the decimal format is used while in the UK and other parts fraction format is more popular.

Understanding the Mathematics of Odds

You must have heard a lot of times when people give out a number while talking about odds. So what does that number mean and how to calculate your bet using it?

Let us take an example, in one of the matches between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Dare Devils, Chennai Super Kings was given odds of 1.5 to win. These odds show the bookmaker’s evaluation of Delhi Dare Devil to be victorious.

So you can use a very simple formula which is

(odds*stake) – stake = Winnings

So if you put 1500 rupees on Chennai Super Kings the calculation would be

(1500*1.5) – 1500 = 750

Now If the odds are at 5

(1500*5) – 1500 = 6000

So to put it simply, higher the odds, greater are the winnings. But higher odds also means the probability of the team winning is lesser and hence becomes a riskier proposition.

So it’s up to you what kind of odds you want to play and how much risk are you willing to take. Safer bets are lower odds but if you have received reliable live IPL betting tips then you can think about betting on higher odds.

Team Rankings


The easiest way a newcomer can get the basic knowledge about the IPL teams is by the team rankings as well as player rankings. Just like any other sport, In IPL the winning team and players keep growing their points and the best will always have the highest points and you will find them on the top of the chart.

But can you bet just on the basis or ranking? No, you cannot just rely on rankings as there are a lot of variables in the T20 match that you need to consider. For example, a team that plays well on the home ground will not necessarily play similarly on foreign soil. Also, the team’s performance differs concerning the rival team as well. They could play well against some and not so good against some.

Also, teams have the strategy of resting their best player during some matches because of which their overall ranking and score might dip for a short time but that does not mean it is not a winning team. The best players are reserved for most high voltage matches against a formidable team to win.

Team News

Staying updated with news is again very important to improve the odds. The best team last season might go under a management change, coach change, controversy, player change for the current season which can adversely affect their chances of winning for the current season. Similarly a weak team last season might have taken star players and coach and could prove to be the underdog that could win the season.

So it is important to stay updated with the latest news and IPL betting tips surrounding the IPL team and players to better plan your strategy.



Another unpredictable part that could change the output of an IPL game is the weather. A seasoned better will always keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day. In case of overcast conditions the team that has a strong bowling line up could win while a dry sunny day would favor the team with a strong batting line up.

A rainy day might reduce the playtime and the game could end up in a draw. So always check the weather conditions before making a betting plan. Even here live IPL betting tips will help as you would get real-time information



Even the best players like Sachin Tendulkar, Chris Gayle cannot play on all types of pitch and could end up getting out soon. The same is the case with bowlers, hence it is important to know the location and pitch condition before the match.

A dry pitch in a humid location like Srilanka could favor bowlers more than batsmen as such pitch tend to give a good spin for the spin bowlers. Similarly, the dead pitch (on that is dry and looks dark brown with no grass) which is mostly found in India is a haven for the batsmen and it offers nothing to the bowlers.

Understand the location and pitch of the ground before planning the bet for the match.

Coin Toss


This might sound extreme but coin toss also plays an important role in the output of the match. In one of the studies, it has shown that 38 % of the team who have won the toss have ended up winning the match as well.

The primary reason could be that the team that wins the toss can decide to bowl or bat based on weather and pitch conditions which give them an edge over their rival. So make sure you look at the toss before betting on the team.

Team Experience

A team experience can also play a major during the match. And it is not just about the number of years the team has been playing, but it could also be the team’s experience in playing on a certain pitch like a team that’s playing on a foreign pitch for the first time will be at a disadvantage.

Similar if the team is relatively inexperienced in the playing against the opponent of that match then they could end on the losing side. Such minute details make a huge difference while placing a successful bet.

Batsman Performance

A batsman’s performance, specifically in the current season plays an important role in deciding the destiny of his team. An experienced player who is currently going through a rough patch might not be a good bet. Similarly, a young agile batsman will always trump an older batsman in short format games like IPL.

Bowler Performance

The same is true for the bowlers as well. An experienced bowler will know what kind of bowling would be effective against a certain batsman or a team while a relatively new bowler might go for all size fits all formula and end being ineffective and expensive.

Player Injuries


One more reason to be updated about a player and team is injuries. On paper even if the team looks formidable but if their star batsman or bowler is injured and out of action can have a serious effect on the match outcome.

Hence make sure you take into account the active and non-injured players when you are placing your bet.


As we have seen above there are a lot of variables in a game that is beyond our control and the dynamics of the game can change anytime. Hence live IPL betting tips prove very helpful to get an idea about the situation during the match and if you need to make any changes in your bets. The live IPL betting tips also help in placing other bets like one over score, 4s and 6s, wickets, etc.

So to conclude, betting on IPL is not just about luck but a carefully planned strategy of making informed decisions based on the above IPL Betting Tips. If you diligently follow these tips, then you can earn a lot of money through betting especially during the IPL season.



So to conclude, betting on IPL is not just about luck but a carefully planned strategy of making informed decisions based on the above IPL Betting Tips. If you diligently follow these tips, then you can earn a lot of money through betting especially during the IPL season.