Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and pretty much everyone will have at least heard of this game. The same thing applies to the Best Online Roulette Game For Real Cash version of roulette. It is loved by millions of online casino players and is extremely popular among Indian players.

If you haven’t played roulette before it might seem a bit scary. Don’t worry, I am going to explain the rules and how to play online Roulette real money india below.

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Well, the answer is both Yes and No because there are different laws on Gambling in every country. The technology has been expanded nowadays, and that makes it quite easy for the users to play roulette on the web version.

The laws of different countries make it hazy and a tough choice where to play best online roulette game casinos. However, users need to make sure that they are going with the best platform that offers a safe and fair game for the best experience.

Online roulette Game is very simple to play once you understand some key aspects of the game. In order to make this easy I have listed all the important information for you to read below.


The roulette table layout is made up of boxes marked 1-36 and the numbers are split evenly between red and black. There’s also a green zero and in some games, there’s a green double-zero as well. This part of the table is known as ‘The Inside’.

Around the number grid are some more options that allow you to bet on different sets of numbers such as odd or even, red or black, numbers within a certain range etc. This part of the table is called ‘The Outside’.

  • Pick which numbers, color, or combinations you want to bet on by placing your money chips in the boxes printed on the table on your screen.
  • The different bets all pay out at different odds. The chances of those numbers hitting is what dictates how big or small the odds will be.The less likely it is to hit, the higher the payout will be.
  • Next the dealer drops the ball into the wheel and the number it lands on is the winner.
  • One the wheel stops spinning the dealer collects all losing bets and pays out the winning bets.
  • The dealer will start to accept new bets again and the process starts over again

For the purpose of this article I am going to focus on the version of best online roulette game which is called European Roulette. This is the most popular form of roulette and played by most players. There are other versions such as American and French Roulette which we can discuss later on some other articles.

  1. Straight bet: This is where you bet on any number on its own, and the odds are 35/1. The more individual numbers you bet on the more changes you have of winning of course.
  2. Low 1-18: This bet means you’re betting on the ball to land on any numbers from 1-18. Odds are Evens.
  3. High 19-36: This means you are betting on the ball to land on any numbers from 19-36. Odds are also Evens.
  4. Red/Black: This mean you bet on the ball to land on either any red or any black number, odds are Evens.
  5. Even/Odd: This means you bet on the ball to land on either any even or any odd number, the odds are Evens once again.
  6. 1st/2nd/3rd 12: This means you bet on the ball to land on either the 1st/2nd/3rd section of 12 numbers. Odds are 2/1
  7. Columns: This means you are betting on the ball to land on one of the three columns. Odds are also 2/1
The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is one of the most popular roulette strategies to play with. The majority of professional gamblers will use this strategy when playing. In my opinion this roulette strategy is extremely simple to follow.

When playing with this strategy, you are following the simple rule that every time you are unlucky enough to lose, you double your bet.

For example, if you bet 800 INR and lose, you place the same bet again but at a value of 1600 INR instead. For this strategy to work you need to be only placing bets on odds that are Evens. These bet types were mentioned earlier in this article but here they are again to reference;

  • Red/Black
  • Odds/Evens
  • 1-16/19-36

The key thing is that when you pick your bet, you have to have the willpower to stick with it throughout your game play. Switching between bet types will not work with this strategy.

The idea with this strategy is that even if you lose a few bets in a row, you will still have a profit at the end because the odds are 50/50. You are basically guaranteed to win at some point because even if you have lost a few bets in row you are always doubling your bet to win back those losses plus win extra.

Let me give you an example. You bet 1600 INR on Black and lose, then you bet 3200 INR and lose again, then 6400 INR and you finally win. You’ve now doubled your 6400 INR to 12800 INR and have gained 1600 INR profit over all.

This is one of the safest betting strategies for online roulette Game india because you are always playing with 50/50 odds. There is still a risk associated with this. You can go on a long losing run and if your money runs out before your bet wins you might lose everything.

Martingale strategy

Online casinos have rules in place to help manage strategies like this, they have limits in place to help manage how much you can bet. This to protect themselves from being defeated by every player using the Martingale strategy.

If you started betting 8000 INR on odds and doubling after every loss, you would eventually have to win based on the law of averages. This means that even if you lost 10 times in a row but won on your eleventh you would still make a profit.

To avoid this happening different casinos will have different limits on the bet types on the table. That means when you hit the limit you won’t be able to increase your bet size anymore.

If you opt to use this strategy it makes sense that you use smaller bet sizes so that you do not hit the limit set on the table. This just means that you won’t have big winning rounds but you will still make profit consistently over a period of time which is the end goal of this strategy.

The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli Strategy is the exact opposite of the Martingale Strategy.

That means that instead of your bet size doubling after every loss, you double it after every win. This is a very popular approach because players are increasing the bet size with the winnings won rather than with their own money. This gives players the impression that this is a less risky strategy but remember you still need to place bets and potentially lose before you get a winning bet.

If you can get your first win relatively quickly without losing too much money you will see this Best online roulette game strategy is less risky. This strategy can be very appealing to newbies. The best thing to do is try to utilise welcome offers or other bonuses at online casinos where you can try to get your first win without risking your own money.

What are the main tips and tricks to follow while playing online roulette?

If you are playing on your luck then you might start losing again and again but if you want to win then you need to use some tips and tricks that can increase your winning potential. So here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can follow –

  • If you are a beginner then we can suggest you play with even or odds.
  • You should invest only the amount that you are willing to lose or else you will stick in a tough situation.
  • Martingale is one of the best strategies that you can follow in which you need to double your wager amount after losing so that you can recover your losses easily.
  • Before going to select any bet, you need to determine the winning odds, return on a stack, and payout.
  • Oscar’s Grind is another popular strategy that users can go with where they need to boost the wagering amount when they win.
  • You should track the best that you have done earlier so that you can determine your mistakes and will not repeat them.
  • It is strictly recommended don’t get in touch with any agency for betting tips or else you will get manipulated by the system.
Play Roulette on Mobile phones

If you are thinking to play Casino then there is no need to go to the clubs when it is possible to play on your mobile phone. Yes, today it is possible to play Roulette on your mobile phone without facing any issues.

You can play your favorite online roulette game without going anywhere. Various Casino platforms have started developing mobile Roulette games, which can be played with real money.

Some platforms allow users to play the best online roulette game in India without needing to download any software. They just need to open the link in their mobile browser, and they are ready to go. While some casino platforms come with an app that is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices.

Types of Roulette at Casinos in India

Online roulette has an amazing craze in India, and the main reason is that the games are available on our devices to play. Apart from that, you should also know about the variations offered by different Casinos.

Real Money Roulette

This is always the best online roulette game for real cash for gamblers who believe in playing online casinos. In Real Money Roulette, users just need to choose a number and have to bet on it. Here, users need to make sure that the best will be placed before starting every game session.

Various roulette platforms in India provide online roulette and the results of winning will be decided via RNG technology. So, let us know about some popular online roulette variations.

  • American Roulette- American Roulette is one of the most preferred and classic Roulette types that is played everywhere. In this roulette variation, there are 38 numbers in the table from 1 to 36. The other two numbers are 0 and 00, which also increase the house’s chance of winning and lower the player’s odds.
  • European Roulette- European Roulette is the actual version of the roulette game that was founded by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. The game is still played in the same way as it was played earlier. In this variation, there are 37 numbers in which 1 to 36 are as usual and there is a single zero. Unlike American Roulette, the chances of winning get increased and lower the winning chances of the house.
  • French Roulette- French Roulette is another popular type that has a total of 37 numbers from 1 to 36 and a 0. The ball on 0 means the winning of the house. But the best thing about French Roulette is that if the ball comes to 0, you will not lose the whole amount.

La Partage and En Prison are the two terms mainly used in French Roulette to benefit the players. In La Partage, if you are placing an even bet and if the ball lands on zero, you will not lose the whole amount, you will get half of your money back.

While in En Prison, if you have placed an even bet and the ball lands on zero then your amount will be kept in the prison and you will get one more chance to bet. Now if you lose again then only your bet will be considered a losing bet.

So these are the popular Roulette variations, there are some more variations like Auto Roulette, Multi-Ball Roulette, Mini Roulette, and Royal Roulette.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette can be the best option for people who want to bring the casino table to their house. It will provide you with a live experience where you need to connect with a dealer on HD streaming where the rules will be the same as usual but the settings might be different.

The dealer will organize the game and will crown the winning player. It will be an amazing experience for every user, and there will be no hassles with language because a Hindi-speaking dealer is available on almost every roulette table, which will make your experience personalized.

Free Roulette Games

If you are a beginner and want to play Roulette games then you should start learning first. It can be a great option to play Free roulette game online india in the beginning so that you can understand the concept and can make decisions accordingly.

There are many platforms on the Internet providing free Roulette gaming options that can be played with free credits given by the developers. You just need to play your bets as per your judgment and there is no risk of losing a single penny.

There are also some options that will be available for you 24/7 for free online roulette. The platforms like Royal Panda, LeoVegas, and Casumo are the platforms where you can start playing free Roulette games without having to deposit any amount.

How can we review Online Roulette Websites?

As we know that in this digital world, scammers are very alert to deceive you at any time. That’s why we cannot trust any casino platform to experience online roulette. That’s why there are some factors that we always consider before joining any Casino platform. Here are those factors that will help to review those Casino platforms –

Customer Support

The first and the most important thing is to have good customer support who can provide you with every answer to your question. They should be responded quickly and should also have sufficient knowledge of roulette game online india.

It is not essential to provide you with 24/7 services, but they should also have an optimum knowledge of roulette. If you have queries regarding the game rules then they should be available for you all the time.

Their knowledge will be helpful to let you withdraw your winnings without taking more time.

Payment Options

There should always be some convenient payment options like Paytm and UPI so that the transaction can be placed quickly. Today people are loving to use digital wallets instead of bank transfers and that’s why the roulette platform should have convenient payment options.

The best option for these payment methods will be that users can deposit and withdraw their amount without leaving the table.

Responsible Gaming and Navigation

The platform should be responsible for everything so that it can be convenient for every user to come to this platform and enjoy Roulette gaming. Users should play Online Roulette only when the platform is responsible for everything and has some tools to enhance the experience.

Some of the tools will help to make your experience versatile during gambling and you will feel relaxed all the time.

Transparency and Fairness

Users should check whether the developer has mentioned everything about their roulette game or not. They should be transparent but should not add any irrelevant charges during gambling.

Apart from that, all the roulette games should be fair, and they should be audited by independent auditors. But make sure that the roulette game online india have some trustworthy auditors so that you don’t need to face any uncertainties in the upcoming future.

Compatability Devices

If we talk about online casinos then most people play the games on their mobile phones. That’s why users need to make sure that the roulette games are free from lag especially when they are playing it for real cash.

As the players are saying the roulette games on the mobile so should work smoothly on mobile phones. Some players also play on desktops but the main issue always arises on mobile phones. So just make sure that the roulette game is compatible with your device whether it is a mobile phone or PC.


This is one of the most important things that we should review on online roulette websites. The withdrawal process should be quick. There should not be an extra fee or charges that we need to pay.

The whole withdrawal process should be done from secured and encrypted payment gateways. The same-day withdrawal is something that everyone wants because sometimes it is quite frustrating to wait for payment for some days. So just check whether the withdrawal process is quick and simple.


That’s all about Roulette Games and India, users just need to choose the best online roulette game after registering themselves. As we have given every information about it that will make your roulette experience versatile and we hope that the information remains helpful for you.

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No. Currently there are no free-to-play lotteries available and you will be required to make a deposit to be able to take part in the lotteries. If you are looking to play for fun then you can access free demos of scratch cards and instant win games via some lottery sites.

At present there are 13 states in India where you can take part in offline lottery. These states deem lottery to be legal and include Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim and West Bengal.

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