Teen Patti


Teen Patti card game is a popular card game that is widely played in most parts of India. Teen Patti, also known as three-card poker, is called Flush or Flash in other parts of the world.

The game has been one of the most common games in India, lasting for generations and with online casinos entering India, you can now play Teen Patti real cash as well!

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Patti is regarded as the Indian version of the famous three-card poker. The game is played between 2- 10 players, with each player receiving three cards, face down.

A total of 52 cards is used in the game of Teen Patti. The fact that the game is one with a fair chance does not diminish the reality that players require skill and minimum knowledge to play.

Winners are decided based on the hand ratings. Once betting is placed, the player with the best hand is adjudged the winner of that round.


The origin of the Teen Patti card game is not entirely clear. However, the game has been in existence in India for a very long time ago.

Historical sources suggest that Teen Patti may have evolved from the Three Card – Brag, which was introduced to India by the British in the 18th and 19th centuries, during colonial rule.


To play the Teen Patti real cash game, you would require the following tools or materials.

  • Cards: Cards are the essential requirement for a Teen Patti card game. The deck of cards to be used should not contain any jokers.
  • Poker table: A poker table is an essential tool for playing Teen Patti. Players need it to play the game.
  • Poker chips: For betting purposes, a poker chip is required. Poker chips are also used as currency while playing.
  • Dealer button: The dealer button is placed in front of each better. The dealer deals the card to the player in an anti-clockwise fashion. After each game, the dealer button also shifts one potion in an anti-clockwise direction.

Those involved in a Teen Patti game

Aside from the materials required for playing the Teen Patti card game, the game is not complete without participants, which includes:

  • The players: The players are the key participants of the Teen Patti game. The game requires about 2- 10 players to play.
  • Dealer: A dealer deals the card to the players and counts the chips on the table. They are like the referees in a football game.
  • Blind: To play blind means, the player would have to play without looking at his card. A player who chooses to play blind would pay half the bet of what the other player is playing. There is a limit on the number of turns you can bet while remaining blind. The stack size of the table determines it. Once the limit has elapsed, the player would be forced to look at his cards.
  • Fold(pack): A player can choose to fold their card if they realize they don’t have a good hand. It is a way a player can signify that he wants to call it quits for that round.
  • Ante( Boot): Before a game begins, there is a minimum amount paid by the players. That amount is known as the ante or boots.  Each player is dealt with a card once they have the boot.
  • Show: In a case where only two players are left on the table, the players choose to show their cards. A winner can be determined if one player decides to show their card. This action would force the opponent to pay the amount equal to the earlier betting before showing his hands. The player will have to fold his cards if he refuses to comply.
  • Side Pot: pot is essentially a show between the two players. A player can call for the previous player to do a side pot if both the players have seen their cards. Side pot will only occur if the last player approves the request. If he dismisses, then the player playing will be implored to pay the amount that the previous player bet. If the player ordering the side pot has a better hand, the other player will be compelled to fold his hands and vice-versa. If both players’ hands are the same, thus the player requesting will be asked to fold his hands.
  • Post: Post in Teen Patti refers to a player who is temporarily away from his seat. The player may decide to go for drinks, food, or a restroom break. The player may miss antes at the start of a particular game and is expected to post before entering the game. They are also required to pay the relevant ante to the pot for the next hand they are to participate in.

The amount to be posted in this situation is usually the amount of the ante at the time the player was not present. If the player who would post happens to be in the ante, then posting would not be required. This is as a result of the advantage that should have been attained by missing out on the ante, that of playing several hands before having to pay ante is not the case in this situation. A new player is required to lock up a seat and then wait for many hands before entering a table.


Hand rankings are a crucial part of Teen Patti. Every player must know hand rankings. It is used to determine the winner of the game.

The following are the hand rankings in the game of Teen Petti Poker card game in no particular order.

  • Straight flush: This entails three cards of the same suit and in sequence. An example of a straight flush is A-K-Q of the same suit. It is regarded as the best straight flush.
  • Flush: Unlike straight flush, this pertains to 3 cards of the same suit without any sequence. An example of flush is A-K-J of the same suit. It is the best flush in the Teen Patti card game.
  • Three of a kind: These are three cards of the same number. AAA is an example of three of a kind and is the best in the lot.
  • Pair: This entails two cards of the same number. A-A-K is an example and is regarded as the best.
  • Colour: This has to do with any three cards of the same suit. When relating two colours, compare the highest card; if these are equal compare the second; if these are equal too, compare the lowest. Therefore the highest color will be A-K-J, and the lowest is 5-3-2.
  • Pair – These are two cards of the same rank.
  • High Card: High card can be used to decide the winner of the game. An example of a high card is Ace. The Ace stands as the best high card in the game.

Petti poker is India’s number one poker card game. A host of casinos in India offer the game on it’s playing schedule.

The betting format of Teen Petti poker is merely straightforward. There are three types of betting format of the Teen Patti poker card game. They include:

  • Fixed limit
  • Pot limit
  • No limit
  1. The fixed-limit betting layout

It is the most played among the three betting formats. The contest already predetermines bets on the fixed limit betting structure.

Before the contest, an amount( ante) and pot-limit are set. The fixed-limit betting layout is played between 2- 10 players.

Each player is required to put down a minimum of 50 chips to receive their cards. After that, each player will receive three cards face down.

A player can decide to see their card if they choose to. The player positioned at the left of the dealer button would play first by placing a bet of 50 or 100 chips.

Next, the player would now be required to pay the exact amount of the previous bet I may double it. The player can also decide to pack his card, after which he waits for the next hand.

The following player has to pay the amount equivalent to the last betting or double of that, and it continues. The player also has the pick to pack (Fold) his cards.

Once his cards are packed, he has to hold on until it reaches the following hand.

Now, if the player sees his cards and bets 100 chips and the player second to him has not seen his cards, then he has to bet 50 chips (Blind), not 100. The player can also bet 100 chips(Double). The successive player would have to place a bet of 200 chips or double it to 400 chips.

The amount continues to rise until it gets to the max bet. The max bet is 5,000 chips. Hence the player cannot double the bet on reaching this point.

The player would have to keep betting 5000 chips until the pot-limit is reached, which is 75,000 chips. As the game progresses, a player can request a side-pot to the last player who has seen his cards.

  1. Pot- limit betting layout

The pot-limit betting layout of Teen Pretti is quite different from the fixed limit betting layout. Any player can increase the amount equivalent to the whole pot’s size before the increase was done.

  1. No limit betting layout

As the name implies, there are no set limits in the betting. Placing a no limit bet on Teen Pretti poker game shows that all raises and bets for every given round are virtually unlimited.


Deciding on who is the winner of a Teen Petti poker takes place, once the betting has ended. There are three ways in which the winner is known.

  • Once the final betting amount achieves the Max Pot size, the max pot size is immediately reached; both players are asked to show their cards, and the winner is determined.
  • If only two players are lasting in the game and one of the players wants a show. Therefore, the other player has no other choice but to pay his amount and show his cards or fold. To win the pot, the player with the best hand, carries the day. In a situation where both players have the same cards, then the pot is shared between the two players.
  • If the final betting amount attains the Max Pot size, as soon as the max pot size is attained, both players are implored to show their cards, and the winner is pronounced.

The situation that may warrant a show

Certain conditions may warrant a show in the game of Teen Patti.  They include the following:

  • A show can only occur if all the players except for except two are out of the game.
  • Assuming one is a blind player, the cost of a show is the existing stake, paid into the pot, regardless of the other player is blind or seen. You are expected to look at your cards until you have committed fully in your payment for the entire show.
  • If you are a player that sees and the other player is blind, you cannot request a show. As a seen player, you can only proceed with betting chose to quit the game.
  • In a show, if both players’ cards are revealed, the player whose hand has a higher ranking wins the pot. In the case where the hands are equal, the player who did not pay for the show is pronounced as the winner of the pot.
  • If both players are seen, they may pay twice the existing stake for a show.
  • In a case where all the players are seen, then at your turn, immediately after betting the minimum amount, which is double the existing stake, you can choose to plead the player who had bet directly before you for a compromise. That player can decide to accept or decline the compromise.
  • If the player agrees to accept the compromise, then the two players would confidentially compare their cards, and the player with the lower-ranking cards must immediately fold. If it happens, they are both equal, and the player who pleads for the compromise must fold.
  • Should the compromise be rejected, the betting process is expected to continue with the player after the one who had requested for the compromise.

Let’s assume four players are on the table, playing the game. Let’s label them as players A, B, C & D. They all put 1 unit on the table and D deals. Player A can decide to play blind and sets an extra unit.

Player B sees his cards and folds. Player C then plays blind and bets an additional unit. Player D takes a look at his cards and puts in two units, which is the minimum amount.

The existing stake remains at one unit. Player A increases the stake by putting in 2 units. Player C looks at his cards and decides to fold.

Player D puts in 4 units, which are the minimum amount for a seen player because player A has increased the current stake to 2. Player A agrees to look at his cards, and after which, he lays in 4 units and requests for a show. Player D then shows his cards, and the winner emerges


While there are laws prohibiting gambling in most parts of India, playing Teen Patti as an online game is legal to play in India. The gambling laws of India are old and do not cover the web.

Numerous casino websites offer Teen Patti card game on their betting schedules.


Interestingly, Teen Patti comes in different variations that meet the cravings and satisfaction of most Indian players. The online version of India’s most famous card game can be played with individuals who reside thousands of miles away.

Improved technology and faster internet capacity have made Teen Patti a favorite of many betting enthusiasts in India. There are several versions of Teen Patti, and they include:

  • Royal: This variation involved playing with only twenty card deck, containing A-K-Q-J-T. Since the game is played with just twenty cards, it can have a maximum of 6 players. This variant is fascinating to play with friends. It is also a super variant making it all the more fun.
  • Joker: This is a Teen Patti Poker variant that allows you to play with only two cards, the third card being the Joker. The Joker can function as any card you wish. Assuming you have A-A as the two cards, then the Joker can function as another Ace, making it a 3 of a kind. This variant of Teen Patti can be played between 2-10 players just like the normal version
  • AK-47: This variant show cards as A, K, 4, and 7 acts as a joker in this variation. A, K, 4, 7 can be utilized as any cards you prefer. The number of jokers in this game may become sixteen, and it becomes really fascinating and interesting to play. This game may be played between 2-10 players.
  • Joker Hunt: This variant can be played in this manner. Give three cards to every player, after which you open on the table cards, twice the number of players plus three. The game has two rounds in which each player would either pick up one open card and tosses out one of his own into the pack, or if he decides not to pick any card, he can close one card on the table. So, in each round five cards, one per player will be closed or eliminated, and after two such rounds, we will be left with three cards open on the table, …which will be the three jokers…then the game continues from thereon.
  • Closest to 555: In this variant, the dealer gives three cards to every player. The game closest to 555 is regarded as the best game. The cards can be arranged as digits, and that is Ace being one and picture cards being 0. Closest can be either higher or lower than 555. If the game lasts for two rounds, players can trade one card of their game with a new one from the pack to enhance their game by paying two counters for it. They would have first to give up a card and then get a new card. The game returns to regular betting after two rounds.
  • Temperature: This variant is of in-out. Each player is given three cards, and there are three jokers open on the table. The players are expected to disclose whether they are ‘in’ or ‘out.’ Everybody does this all at once by showing their thumbs, and the difference is the ‘temperature’ card that is opened thereafter.

Once every player has disclosed if they are in or out, a card is taken from the deck and kept open on the table. This is the ‘temperature’ card. If the card is between Ace and 6, the lowest game wins, and if it is between 7 and king, then the highest game wins as expected. This is a surprising factor in the ‘in-out’ game. Aside from that, the rest of the rules remains unchanged.


For those that are aching to visit a brick and mortar casino but have been unable to do so need not worry. Your favourite card game is now available in a ‘live’ format as well. The live dealer version of Teen Patti is offered by a few game providers including Super Spade Games and Ezugi. In this format you can interact with the dealer which makes the overall experience more enjoyable. This also means you can play teen patti live without having to leave the comfort of your home!