Bet365 App Review

The biggest bookmaker in the world enters India with a dhamakadar app. Does the Bet365 app live up to the hype? Read my review and find out.

The online betting world today is crowded with hundreds of bookmakers offering the chance to bet on a huge catalogue of sports and casino games. These games work well when you are using it on your computer but when it comes to mobile apps there are very few bookmakers who offer a decent experience.

Bet365 App falls under those few cricket betting apps that work well and offers you an experience similar to a full-fledged website.

In this article, I would be sharing the details about Bet365 App, its user interface, and the unique features it offers.

Bet365 App

Most of the time when a betting site comes up with a mobile app, it is just a scaled-down version of the website interface which makes it a tedious process to operate. This diminishes the overall purpose of having a mobile app.

I am happy to share that Bet365 did not opt for this easy route. The mobile app has a layout that takes into consideration the mobile screen size and optimises the user interface accordingly.

Everything is well organised and you can find any market, sports, or game without any hassle. The design and navigating around the app is super intuitive.

The app also allows you to bet prematch as well as in-play betting markets with all the necessary information like finding the best betting value available at your fingertips. The interface is also adaptive to the screen size, so if you use the app on Ipad it makes maximum use of the extra screen optimizing the layout accordingly.

Bet365 features

The best thing about the Bet365 app is the ease in which you can bet on your sport. All you have to do is search for your sport from the menu and place the bets. The wager is placed and confirmed immediately.

Another great feature available on Bet365 is the cash-out option. This is available in selected markets like football, basketball, horse racing, and tennis. This feature gives you an option to receive a partial return even before the bet is settled. Cash-out gives you a chance to secure at least some part of your win before the odds change. In cases where the markets get suspended then the cash-out attempt might not get successful.

You also get an advanced version of cash out where you can fix the bet and the cash out threshold. So when the returns reach the amount fixed by the user in cash out, the amount automatically gets debited in your Bet365 account. This is again available only in selected markets.

How to download Bet365 App

Downloading the Bet365 app is very simple. The app is available both on the Apple store as well as on the Android play store. Below mentioned is the procedure that you need to follow

Apple Store

If you have an iPhone or Ipad, head to Apple store and search for the Bet365 app. You would see a familiar green logo of Bet365. Click on the download button and the app will be downloaded in minutes.

Bet365 APK

If you have an android phone then go to play store and search for Bet365 APK. Once the app appears, click on the download tab and within minutes the app will reflect on your screen.

To conclude Bet365 app manages to keep the reputation of Bookmaker intact. It is a wonderful mobile app that is easy to download, quick to respond, and has a great design with a fluid interface.

If you want to enjoy cricket betting on your favourite sport using your smartphone then you must download the Bet365 app.

Bet365 FAQs

1- Is the Bet365 app safe to use?

Yes. Bet365 is one of the biggest betting platforms in the world and hence they follow stringent security measures on their website and app.

2- What are the payment options available on Bet365?

There are more than 200 payment options available on Bet365. Some of the popular payment options are Debit card, Credit Card, PayPal Neteller.

3-Is Bet365 legal in India?

Betting is illegal in many states of India, but there are no laws that state online betting as an illegal activity. Hence Bet365 is legal and is used by a lot of Indian players to place bets and play casino games.