Video Slots


Every online casino in the world has hundreds, if not thousands of online video slots on offer. All the different slots are unique and will have their own themes and features.

There are hundreds of game providers that spend thousands creating engaging video slots that customers just love. Here are some of the leading game providers in the online casino industry that we love; Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play and Netent.


Online video slots are super easy to play. Once you pick the video slot you want to play all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  • Choose how much you’d like to bet with.
  • Tap the spin button to activate the reels.
  • Wait for the reels to stop spinning.
  • To win, the reels must land on a Winning Combination (payline). Check out all the ways to win within each slot by tapping the information icon. 
  • If you win, you’ll see how much you’ve won on screen. Depending on which game you’re playing, you could also trigger special features or bonus rounds by landing on certain symbols or sequences!
  • If you win the size of the payout depends on how much you wagered, and the value of the winning combination.


When it comes to choosing your first slot, then then special features might help
you out. On top of the themes and graphics, these are added in to enhance your

slots experience and often give you more ways to play and win

The most common you’ll find are:

Wild Symbol

A ‘Wild’ works as substitute symbol for any standard (not Bonus or Scatter symbols) symbol on the reels, to help you hit more of those winning combination pay lines! For example: If you’re 1 symbol away from hitting a pay line, and that position on the reels contains a Wild, then you would win as if you hadn’t been missing the original needed symbol!
Variations include:
  • Expanding Wilds: Wilds that expand and cover the whole reel, meaning that you could hit multiple pay lines at once.
  • Stacked Wilds: A game with this feature allows for 2 or more Wilds to land next to each other on a reel.
  • Walking Wilds: Wilds that move sideways over the reels with each spin until they get to the last reel and disappear.
  • Sticky Wilds: Wilds that stay in the same position on the reel for multiple spins.

Cascading Reels

After you hit a pay line, the winning combination symbols will vanish and symbols higher on your reels will drop straight into their empty place. Also known as ‘an Avalanche’, ‘Tumbling Reels’, ‘Dropping’.

Scatter Symbol

Primarily used to trigger Bonus Games or special features, such as Free Spin rounds. Usually a specified number of scatters have to appear on your reels to activate these.


A Bonus Round, such as a set of Free Spins, are able to be activated multiple times in a single game.

Multiplier Symbols

When landed, these can boost your winnings by simply multiplying them by a certain amount, depending on the game. In some slots, multipliers can go as high as 1000x!

Bonus Games

An extra game that can be triggered within the main game, usually in line with the theme or storyline, giving you the chance to win even more pay-outs!

Free Spin Rounds

The most common bonus feature, awarding you with a set number of Free Spins within the game and usually triggered by landing a number scatter symbols at once. Once the round finishes, your overall winnings from the Free Spins round will flash up on your screen.

Gamble Features

The opportunity to gamble your winnings so far, usually either double the amount or nothing!

Progressive Jackpot

A small percentage of each bet placed on the game is put towards the overall jackpot, which t hen continues to get bigger until it’s won! Once won, the jackpot starts building up again from the set minimum amount called the ‘seed’. To win a progressive jackpot, players are required to bet the maximum value possible in that game.

Multi-Spin Slot

Usually featuring up to 9 sets of reels, players bet on each single reel – giving the feel of playing multiple games at the same time.

Colossal Symbols

Blocks of either 2×2 or 3×3, which can appear anywhere over your reels to complete pay lines

Online slots are definitely the easiest online casino game to play. There is a lot of luck involved and a lot of fun is had playing this type of game. That is why online video slots are one of our favourite types of casino games here at

Every week be sure to check out our new game reviews so you can can try out all the latest video slot releases we love.


What is the return to player (RTP) for slots? 

RTP is the percentage of the bet that is paid back to the player on a per slot basis. It is important you you understand this. RTP is calculated on a per slot basis and every slot can have a different RTP configuration. The RTP of a game is verified by an external testing house and cannot be edited by a casino. All RTPs have to be made available within the game info section of a slot. 

A slot with 95% return to the player will pay back 95% wagered on it. That means when you bet £100 it is expected that you will get £95 back. The RTP is calculated over millions of spins and you can of course end up with a lower RTP or higher RTP in your game session.

Remember the higher the RTP, the higher your chances of winning. Please make sure you read up on the RTP of an online video slot  before you start playing it.

High RTP slot to play: Blood Suckers

Blood suckers is a game provided by Netent and is extremely popular and has the following features on offer. 

  • Wild symbol: A vampire girl
  • Scatter symbol: A bride
  • Free spins round: land three brides for 10 free spins, four brides for 10 free spins x25 your stake, or five brides  for 10 free spins at a x100 your stake.
  • Bonus round: get three stake and hammer symbols and you qualify for the bonus round. 

The RTP of the game is one of the highest in the industry at 98%