Mitchell Starc Out of IPL 2020 | Explains the Reason Behind it

Fearsome fast bowler, Mitchell Starc will not be taking part in IPL 2002. The Aussie explains why he decided to opt out of the competition this year.

Fans of the IPL were delighted when Mitchell Starc was drafted into the tournament. The thought of the  Aussie tearing through the batting lineups on Indian soil was a big enough draw for IPL teams to bid on this express bowler. Starc was initially picked by the Royal Challengers Bangalore but was unable to perform to his full potential due to several injuries.

Starc was ultimately released and was picked up by King Khan’s team, the Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR was unable to utilise his services either as he was ruled out of the 2018 tournament due to an injury.

For IPL 2020, Starc decided to keep away from the auction process. The fast bowler wanted to concentrate his efforts on the upcoming T20 World Cup, to be held in Australia. However, things were not meant to be as COVID-19 hit the world and all major tournaments were either postponed or canceled altogether. There was debate over IPL 2020 being cancelled altogether but thankfully a sensible decision was taken to shift the tournament to UAE with a start date of 19th September.

Starc had the following thoughts with regards to missing out on IPL 2020 :”I know hindsight is a wonderful thing and now the IPL is on at a different time but no, I wouldn’t change it,”.

The Aussie is however eager to play in future IPL tournaments “I’m happy to spend that time when the blokes are at the IPL in September I’ll be getting ready for summer. The IPL will be around next year and if I feel the urge or people want me around I’ll definitely consider it, but as of this year I’m very comfortable with the decisions I’ve made,” Starc said.

We at CBW hope that the tournament does indeed take place on Indian soil next year and that the Aussie is able to be a part of it!