Astropay card has been created to provide connsumers the ability to shop online on any betting site all over the world using their local currency.

Online casinos and sports betting have been growing exponentially in India for a few years. The industry has been witnessing a massive growth rate of 11% year on year. Millions of transactions happen every day. Players are however constantly concerned about the security of their financial account. There is news everyday about hackers stealing personal data of consumers from commerce websites. Astropay is a company that is solving this security issue through its virtual prepaid cards.

In this article I will share details about Astropay and how it works. I will also share the procedure to buy an Astropay card and how to deposit money in your betting account using the card.

What is Astro Pay

Astro pay is a financial technology company that was established in 2009 in London. The purpose of the Astropay card was to provide an option for consumers to shop online on websites from all over the world using their local currency. These include betting, online casino and lottery sites as well.

How to purchase Astro Pay Card in India?

Buying an Astro pay card is a very simple process. To start the procedure, you first need to visit their website You then need to click on the registration form and fill in all the necessary information. Once the registration is successful you will have the option to choose a card of different denominations. The range is from $25 to $500 which in rupees would be INR 1899 to INR 37,782. You can choose the denomination of your choice.

Next, you need to choose the payment method to fund the AstroPay card and fortunately, you can fund the account in rupees. You can choose payment methods like Bank transfer, Neteller, or other transaction methods. After completion of the procedure, you will receive the Astro Pay card via email. Please note that you will not be getting a physical Astropay card through the mail. The virtual card will have a unique 16 digit number and a CVV security code just like a physical card.

Benefits of Astro Pay

Astro pay card solves a lot of issues that you generally face while transacting online and hence it has become one of the preferred transaction mediums for consumers shopping online. Below mentioned are some the key benefits of using AstroPay card

  • There are no local taxes levied on your transaction
  • It is a very secure method to transact online as you are not sharing your bank information anywhere online.
  • There are no registration charges when you buy an Astropay card and there are no transaction charges levied on the consumer
  • The card is a prepaid card, hence unlike a credit card your spending will never go out of control
  • Unlike other financial institutions where you need to have a good credit rating to purchase a card, AstroPay card can be purchased by anyone.
  • All the transactions through AstroPay are instant, there is no delay which is crucial if you are betting on a live game.
  • As we have seen above, you can buy the card with the denominations of your choice giving you the flexibility to buy the card as per your need and budget.
  • Astropay card is widely accepted in most of the online casinos as the method of depositing.

How to deposit money using an Astropay card?

Depositing the money in your favourite online casino account is very simple with an Astropay card. All you need to do is log in to your casino account, click on the deposit option and select Astropay card as your deposit method. Select the amount you want to deposit in the account. You would then be asked for the 16 digit Astropay account number followed by card expiry date and CVV number. Once you fill the information, click on the deposit tab, the amount will immediately reflect in your casino account.

How to withdraw money using the Astropay card?

The withdrawal option on the Astropay card is currently not available. You can only deposit the amount using the card. To withdraw the winning amount from your casino account you need to use a different method like Neteller. There are a lot of options for Indian consumers to withdraw amount so there is no need to worry.

To conclude, the AstroPay card takes out the riskiest part in the online transaction of sharing your bank account details, giving you the peace of mind to just focus on the game. The card also offers easy deposit options, no transaction fee, and is acceptable in leading bookmaker websites.


Can I use the Astropay card for shopping?

Yes. Astropay is just like any other prepaid card that you can use for all your online transactions including online shopping. Once you are done with the shopping, at the check out just enter your 16 digit Astropay card number, expiry date, CVV, and the transaction will show successful.

Which betting sites accept Astropay card?

All the major bookmaker sites like Betway, Bet365, 22bet, 1xBet, etc accept Astropay card to deposit money in consumers betting/casino account. To check if your bookmaker accepts the Astropay card, go to the deposit option on your account and check if the drop-down menu has an Astropay card option available.

Is Astropay card legal in India?

Yes. Astropay card is legal and can be used for all your online transaction.

Does the Astropay card have an expiry date?


Yes. Your Astropay card has an expiry date of 12 months from the date it was generated.